The Purposes of The Diary of Khairil's Photography...

Well... I have a list of things that I will share to everyone the main purposes of this blog is created for...

Let's start it with no One, shall we?? :)

  • Is for sharing the ideas of people that you may never know.
  • Get to know "Who Am I" and "What I Am".
  • Sharing "My Eyes" to the world.
  • Let's just say a normal diary for me but everyone can read it.
  • My Artworks, My Photos, My Masterpieces and My Precious.
  • Learning to create a masterpiece and manipulate it into my own.
  • To prove that I'm still exist in this very world even though some people just can't see me at all.
  • Learning the Past, create the Present and adapt it for the Future.
And the most of all is that improving my writings... That's all it is... :)

Well, chiow.... Muehehe... :3


  1. well you almost get to know me well. :) suka berpuisi dan menulis ye? keep it up bro!he


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