What A Life That I Had.....

Assalamualaikum & Hello... Yup... It's me...
The name that have been given to me is Khairil Azri bin Kassim...

I'm from Johor Bahru and  now studying in Miri.
This is the story how's my life begin until now.
It's the fate of the story. Where all it begins.
This is the faces and the looks that have been the part of my life and my story.

Me, Myself & I

My Familia

My Besties a.k.a My Sis
(Izzah, Eisya, Piqa & Zati)

My Fellow Classmates & Mentor
(Using the same shirts : Mr.Fred, Botaksin, Cik Mas, Puna, Ateen, Kak Anis, Nez, Im,  Ema, Arul, Izz, Kilot, Mill, Wiyah, CT, Mida, Kak As, Kiera & Ika)
Me  & Roomate (Haziq Fahmi)

The Furious Four
(Josman, Allen, Leon & Joe)

My Block E Miri Underground Buddy
(Mael, Joe, Carl, Ron, Jay, Amer, Wan, Bell, Botaksin, Helmy & Apiz)

The Most Sensation Babes
(Top : Angah)  (Bottom : Kiera, Ateen, Cik Mas, Im, Nez & Kak Anis)

The Gangster(Awei), The Bouncer(Awaz), The Mafia(Bagak) & The Yakuza(Sapri)

My IPGKBM Friends
(Wani, Sam & Titak)

My Kindergarten Friends (when I'm 6 years old)

The Miri Photographer Buddy

When I sat back in my room, I really thought it to myself.
When I think to myself, what a wonderful world and life rthat I have. :)


LiHaT La LaGi...